Recovery and Talent Show

Lily is currently making my birthday cake (yum!!) for one of my birthday celebrations tomorrow and so I offered to blog in her place.  We are both hoping to get to bed early tonight.

Today was the first weekend day after Lily and I have started our new schedules.  We’ve both agreed that the new groove is going very well, and today we also agreed that especially with us both being sick, we should get a little R&R.

I spent a lot of time with the kids in the morning which was so lovely since I see them so little during the week.  I’d like to say we did a bunch of activities, but actually most of what I did was feed them and let them wander around house and somehow that filled the morning.  Lily has been quite sick today (much sicker than me!!) so she got a little rest in addition to helping with the kids.

Lily and I both rested while Mary napped and Lydia watched the Ipad.  She’s watched it a lot lately, but Lily and I have really needed rest to kick our bugs so it has been nice for her to be entertained while we rest.

When we got up we did some quick errands and then we went to our ward talent show.  It was absolutely amazing.  I could not believe how much talent was on display in my ward.  Someone sang “Marry me” by train and I swear his voice was every bit as good as Train’s.  Mark Walton drew live caricatures of people and I heard a lady sing a song she wrote that could seriously air on the radio.  Also, Lily played La Campanella by Liszt.  The whole ward was floored by her talent.  She got a really loud applause and she and I both got a flood of comments from people afterwords.  I was so proud of her, especially the way that she played with passion and nailed the ending, which is definitely my favorite part.

Afterwords, we let our two children run around with other kids in the gymn for a long time.  It was so great to see them running so much because it’s harder to get out of the house in the winter when it is so cold outside.

Qualtrics is going great so far.  Thanks for reading!!!

Here are the pictures from today:

20140118_204202 20140118_195611 20140118_180240