Finishing week two of new routine

Abe here!  I’m blogging in Lily’s place since she will be in school until almost midnight and then she is getting up at 5:30 am tomorrow to do hot yoga before a four-hour cooking school event.  Yikes, she sure is packing it in!

Things are still going well after week two of our new routine.  Lily has been rocking on her new reduced budget by being creative, frugal and frankly cooking lots and lots of beans, which I love, so it works out great!  She is also enjoying her cooking school especially now that she is actually cooking.

Today Lily spent time at Misty’s house and she (as usual) gushed on the phone to me about how much she loves spending time with Misty. It sounds like the play-date went really well, other than the spinach-pineapple smoothie that Mary dumped all over herself (requiring her to return home half-naked under her coat).  Lily has some really great photos of some crafting she did with Misty, and those pictures will be posted as soon as Lily gets them from her phone.  After the play-date, Lily went home, fed the girls, read to them, played piano and worked on homework.

As for me, the new job is going really well. I love the company, love the product, love my co-workers and love the culture. I will also say that it is certainly harder than I expected, but I truly enjoy the challenge.  Something about my ego makes me assume that I will walk into situations and naturally be better than everyone else.  At Qualtrics, I’m finding that I’m surrounded by so much talent and drive, that quite frankly, if anything I will have to work harder than the next guy to get ahead.  Yet, I am o-k with that.  I really feel Qualtrics is where I’m supposed to be and it’s just so easy to feel good about a place that has unlimited free burritos and Seagram’s sparkling lemon water…..mmmmmmm………..IMG_6357 IMG_6342 IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6347 IMG_6351 IMG_6356