church and visits

I enjoyed church a lot today, and one sister made a comment that reminded me of one  of my mission leaders. The sister today talked about how mundane tasks like laundry and dishes are actually opportunities to serve our families. That reminded me of a comment one of my mission leaders used to make about how doing the dishes was one of her primary avenues for becoming more Christ like. (She must have done a lot of dishes.)  I took that reflection to heart and did a LOT of dishes tonight. The laundry…is still piled up in a closet. Maybe tomorrow?

Also, my awesome visiting teachers visited me today. I love their visits. I just love being ministered to, and I always feel uplifted by their company. And now I want to go see Saving Mr. Banks because Erika recommended it so highly.

We had Balu over for dinner tonight, and since it was just him, we skipped the potty training conversations he normally endures and just went straight for the good stuff: Indian politics, American politics, the joys of living in Utah, and his new T.A. job.

I took very few pictures today, but Mary was looking cute before church, so I snapped these:

IMG_6379 IMG_6376 IMG_6377