only the high points

Today I was kind of tired and grumpy from yesterday’s over-activity, but here are the high points of today:

Abe went to Jay’s to watch the Super bowl, so the girls and I had all evening to play. We played chase, played catch, read books, and played climb-the-chair and jump-on-Lydia’s-bed a lot.

IMG_6459 IMG_6455 IMG_6453 IMG_6450Tom and Suzanne came by for a quick visit in the middle of the evening:

IMG_6461 IMG_6464 IMG_6468 IMG_6470 IMG_6469 IMG_6472 IMG_6474Then my mom sent me a biography she’s written of my beloved grandmother. I tried to copy and paste it into this blog, but the formatting was all messed up. When I have time to figure that out, I’ll paste it here.

When Abe came home, he brought me chocolate chip cookies his mom made. I had been craving chocolate chip cookies all day, so it kind of made my day to get them.