House bound

Lydia woke up this morning the sickest I’ve ever seen her (except for when she had an ear infection). ┬áBut even though Lydia was the sick one, Mary was the needy child today. I think she gets upset when I’m away at school, and the day after she gets mad when I do anything that doesn’t directly involve her.

The following evidence of that demand indulged:

IMG_6725 IMG_6719 IMG_6722IMG_6726

And then she tripped over her feet and cried for an hour and a half. I held her for most of that time, and the only thing that stopped her crying was when I took pictures of her tantruming (is that a word?) on my legs and showed her the results.


IMG_6731 IMG_6730

Lydia was pretty low-maintenance all day.

lydia sick


Abe had another good day at work, and I wasted massive amounts of time online when I wasn’t feeding or attending to children. I really need to start practicing again, since I stopped after cutting myself a month ago in school. Maybe tomorrow…