Birthday Eve

Hello all, it’s Abe again.

The day started by me leaving to work, and Georgia babysitting Lydia and Mary while Lily went to a yoga session.  Yoga is one of the few really great ways Lily can excercise without aggravating her shin splints. After Yoga, Georgia got a ton of things done on her t0-do-while-I’m-in-town list and Lily started the festivities with Lydia.  They baked her cake and made cupcakes together.

Meanwhile at work, I found out that I am interviewing for promotion on Monday.  I am very excited to take the next step in my career and I hope it goes really well.  I also hope that I don’t have to interview with a case of pink-eye.  Lydia came down with it today and I’m hoping to last at least three days until I too have the bug!

On my drive home, I finished Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.  Of the four C.S. Lewis books I just read, I would say it is my least favorite, which is interesting because C.S. Lewis says it was his least favorite book to write.  He said it was fun in the beginning, but after a while it was not fun at all for him to have to spend so much time thinking and writing from the point of view of a servant of satan.  My reading experience echoes those sentiments.  In short, it was insightful, but not uplifting.

Then I met Lily at school and picked up the kids.  Lydia was in a better mood than Mary on the ride home in the beginning. Lydia was cheerful as she talked about the fact that she is going to watch Disney’s Frozen on her birthday tomorrow and as she had imaginary conversations with her cat (which was at home, not in the car).  Her mood soured later in the ride, though, and she got really upset because Mary was crying, and Lydia said that Mary was being too loud and just woke up her cat.  I started to explain that Mary could not have woke Lydia’s cat, because Puss (the cat) was not in the car.  Lydia didn’t buy it, so I just kept driving while they both fell apart…..I think my tolerance for crying is increasing!

We then stopped at Smith’s to get Lydia’s eyedrops and animal crackers.  We got the ceremonial free treat at the bakery and made our why home where we had a great pasta and brocolli dinner with Georgia.  Mary was crazy about the brocolli Georgia made (it was delicious) and screamed when her plate ran out.  Although I was not happy about her antics, I was happy that her antics were over wanting more brocolli.

After dinner we had family home evening where I taught a lesson about the organization of the church.  We have Stake Conference Sunday and I wanted to try to explain a little bit to Lydia about why this Sunday will be different.  I’m not sure that I was able to communicate anything meaningful to Lydia, but it felt good to be spending time as a family and talking about meaningful topics. After the lesson I drew a cat on the chalkboard per Lydia’s request.  Before drawing the cat, I whiped the chalkboard clean and Lydia had a complete meltdown because there was a red mark on the board that simply would not come off.  It completely threw her off her emotional equilibrium and it was a few minutes before we were able to calmly move forward with the cat-drawing.

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