A good day

O-k, so Lily and I both woke up sick, but has actually turned out to be a really good change.  I think it was the weather change combined with the work stress that got me.  Lily also runs a really heavy schedule so maybe each of our bodies were just saying, “take a day to slow down,” and our bodies decided to communicate that message through soar throats and feeling ill.

But seriously, it was a good day.  Lily had her best Saturday competition practice ever.  She was trained on cake-making by the best chef at the school, Chef Ramsey, and Lily said her second cake that she made was the best in the class, even better than Chef Ramseys! (Your jaw can drop here)  I’m really proud of the great work Lily is doing.  Lily also shared an extremely comical moment when she was feeling incredibly tired and had the train of thought, “I wonder what would happen if I cracked an egg onto the middle of the counter.”  And so she did.  She cracked an egg, and while the raw egg mess was sitting on the counter, Chef Ramsey walked by, looked at it, and said, “um, are you o-k?”  I thought was the most hilarious thing I’d heard all day.  Lily is definitely having a good time.

I had a great time at home with the girls too.  I was pretty whiped out from feeling sick, but we managed some good moments.  Here are both Mary and Lydia fingerpainting in the basement.IMG_6971

After fingerpainting, we all ate brunch (becuase with kids there are six meals per day) and Lydia and Mary sat together at the table. IMG_6972


After this meal, I put Mary down to nap while Lydia played on her own.  I got a good nap so I was able to play with the kids after Lily got home so she could get her rest in.  After Lily rested we left the house to start the day at 4:30 PM.

Lydia was asleep within minutes in the car and Mary was happy just being alive in her car-seat.  She used to hate being in her car-seat, but ever since we switched her into the green-grey and black one that Lydia used to use, she has done really well.  It’s a very big seat, looks very comfortable and makes me think of a captains chair on a giant spaceship.

First I dropped of Lily at the main library and while she picked out books I got a healight and brake-light fixed at Jiffy-Lube.  I really enjoyed watching the guy replace the bulbs and I figured to myself that next time I can probably save a buck and do it on my own.  After I picked up Lily we went to subway because I was starving and needed something healthy because yesterday I binged on jelly-beans and buttered-popcorn and I was still feeling gross.  After subway we all went to a playground at Liberty Park.  We had fun, but didn’t stay too late because it was a little chilly.  Then we went to Smith’s, came home, ate, bathed the girls, and put them to bed.

Since that time, I have taken a quick nap and put away all of our clutteriffic winter accessories into the basement, totally clearing out our hall closet.  I also just finished the book of Ruth in the Old Testament which means I start Samuel tomorrow.  Since being in the car on our errands, Lily has completely absorbed in the Elizabeth Smart autobiography she checked out.  She is just finishing it now downstairs.  I’m sure she’ll report on it tomorrow, but from what she told me so far, it is horrifying how evil her kidnapper is, but it is also inspiring how pure Elizabeth is and it is also inspiring reading how God comforted her and helped her very explicitly during that horrifying time in her life.  Rest!