Fast Fast Fast

Everything in life is fast right now.  On the way to work I listen to 6 chapters in 3 Nephi for my ward’s 40 days of Holiness.  As soon as I walk through the door at work, I juggle prospecting expectations, trainings to attend, product learning, meeting preparation, meetings to attend and general housekeepings.  I leave every day feeling like I’m leaving a mountain for the next day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job.  It is very fast.

Lily’s life is fast as she chases around our daughters, prepares for her piano competition, goes to school full time and keeps food on the table.  Today, chasing the kids involved a play-group Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  It looks like they had a lot of fun.

As usual, I met Lily halfway at her school on my way home from work.  It was so nice to see her, if even for a moment.  At home, it was dinner, bathing, night routine and then cleaning.

I will say, there was a moment during the children’s night routine when everything slowed down.  It was right around the time that Lydia was having Puss bark like a seal and I had a moment where I just looked at her and felt pure joy.  There she was. So perfect, innocent, playful and happy, in her own little world.  Watching her be happy brought a flash of my own childhood joy and it was like drinking from a well of youth for my soul.  I love my children.  Lydia also explained to me that she wants Daniel to stay a stuffed animal because tigers are scary, but Puss and Tabitha can grow up and become real in about a year just like the velvatine rabbit.  Meanwhile, Mary has been stacking all of her blankets and stuffed animals into one corner of her crib so she can try to get a let up on capitulating herself out of the crib.  I had to take away everything except three small blankets, a pillow and a tiny stuffed animal for fear that she would actually succeed.


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