Fablehaven frenzy

I just finished the Fablehaven series, and I have to say, the author got better and better with each book. In the afterward, he says that himself. My mind is currently racing with the end-of-the-world battle, fairies, dragons, and all sorts of fun fantasy things, so it’s hard transitioning to what actually happened today.

Let’s see. I took the girls to the library for baby book club, and afterward the librarians gave all the kids ice cream. The girls ate theirs outside under the waterfall/fountain. I should have brought my camera because they were both pretty dainty about eating. Mary climbed on a chair, crossed her ankles, and licked pretty evenly. Every couple minutes she would extend a hand for me to wipe because the ice cream kept dripping down. Lydia loved being wiped down too, and I was so focused on them eating as cleanly as possible that I expended half a package of wipes to that almost impossible end.

After our library excursion, Mary took a nap while Lydia and I ate lunch. During her quiet time, I started finishing the last book of Fablehaven. Abe bought it for me yesterday when I found out that every single library copy in the entire system was checked out.

I struggled to control my temper again today with Lydia, but I keep praying for help. I feel like that’s helped me do a bit better on the front end and make faster, more effective repairs on the latter end, too. Today I definitely had repair work to do, but with God’s help (and with the frank forgiveness only three-year-olds can offer), it turned out okay.

After dinner, Abe took the girls on a walk to the playground while I read my book. Here are the pictures he sent me:

june4pic4 june4 june4pic2 june4pic3