One of the best days ever!!!!! (and no pictures to show it ): )

Hi, it’s me, Abe.  Lily’s new cooking school semester started so she is there tonight.  I do miss her when she is gone, but on the bright side, it is only twice per week this semester (if you count Saturday’s competition team), and also I get tons of joy envisioning Lily doing something she loves so much.  I also have become a little more of a foodie since she started and I find myself genuinely interested in what she is cooking at what things she is learning.  What fun! I didn’t talk to Lily much today, but I know that she went to the gym, had a play date with Misty and did homework…..I wish I knew more!

As far as my day, I was blessed to have one of the best work days I think I have ever had in my entire life.  Everything today seemed to turn my way.  Today I learned that I will get credit and commission for a deal that another salesman closed, because he quit and left, and the business got passed to me.  I also had an amazing meeting that could very well turn into a deal that was passed to me by a friend who was in a different region.  I also had another fantastic meeting that seems very promising.  I’m now feeling like I’m poised to have a very good quarter.  I know God led me to Qualtrics, and today felt like evidence as to why He led me to start my career over at an entry level position at Qualtrics. It was amazing and fun.

But that isn’t all.  During work, one of my friends informed me that for all residents living in Salt Lake proper (not Sandy, West Valley, North Salt Lake etc) there is a HUGE discount for the Frontrunner train to Orem and Provo.  I’ve thought about taking the train many times, but I just haven’t had quite the incentive to switch.  Well, with this new discount, I will save about $2000 per year in gas money.  Also, we wont need to save up to buy a new car soon since the commute was wearing our cars down so fast.  Also, the train has wireless internet, so I can be productive.  I was so excited.  After meeting Lily at school and picking up the girls, I went straight to the Sorenson Unity Center and bought my pass.  Hooray!

Which reminds me….the train does take longer, meaning my new wake time is 5:30 AM.  It’s 10:30 now.  I better sleep!