church marathon (wherein Lily drops out of the race)

Today Abe spent over seven hours at church. His new calling means his Sunday afternoon naps are a thing of the past. I feel so sorry for him, especially since he barely sleeps in the week, thanks to his four hours of commuting every day. But he doesn’t complain and serves very cheerfully. I have a lot to learn from him.

Speaking of how Abe and I differ, we have different opinions on how to handle sacrament meeting with the kids. Abe likes to persevere and uses every resource on hand to keep the kids on the pew and in the meeting. My strategy is really simple: leave. Get the bajeebers outta there.

I usually stay in the pew until we take the sacrament, and then the minute my kids start acting up (which is usually immediately), I take themĀ out. Today we compromised. Abe kept Lydia in, and I took Mary out to the gardens in the back of the church. Rose joined me and we had our own “sacrament meeting” in the sunshine by the grape vines. The kids were in heaven.

Picking grapes.
Picking grapes.

Then we came home for a little bit before Abe returned to church for another two and a half hour meeting. I stayed home and napped, after which Lydia and I crafted until Abe came home. Then Abe and the girls gave me a massage, and then Abe and I gaveĀ them massages. Mary especially enjoyed hers and squeaked out “thak-oo! (thank-you!) as soon as we started putting lotion on her back.

We scrounged around and ate leftovers for dinner, and then Clark and Swathi called! They are the best listeners. I dumped all of my angst about my calling onto that conversation, and they were so supportive and sweet. While I was talking with them, Abe took the girls on one of his home teaching rounds and visited the Copingas.

aug17 aug17pic1After he came home, Anique called and invited me on a walk around the block. With so many friends and family members listening to me today, I came home with a much lighter, happy heart. I actually felt pretty depressed about my calling after the first two meetings of church, but now I feel a little better.