A Play Date, Amazing Babysitter, Georgia Arrives!!!!!!!!, Final Exam, and Additional Funding

The day kicked off with Lily today with a play-date with her friend Kim.  I’m not sure what happened after that since I didn’t talk to Lily much during the day, but I know she cooked because I came home to the best egg-salad sandwich I’ve every had (super fluffy home-made bread and perfectly seasoned egg salad.)

Lily left early for school tonight because she has her final exam for her European cooking class.  She’s been in my thoughts because I know she was nervous.  She isn’t back yet, but I’m excited to hear the report.

Isabella came over early to babysit so Lily could leave.  Then, shortly after that…..

Georgia arrived!!!!!!!!  It was so wonderful to see her.  As if having her in town wasn’t gift enough, she came baring gifts for everyone.  Some are gifts that I won’t mention until Mary’s birthday, but she also brought some super cute bug suitcases for the girls from Grandma Cullen (Thanks Grandma!), fudge for everyone, new plates and bowls, flashcards, a coloring book and well, you get the idea, lots of great things for the family.  It’s so great to have her around for a few days.  I got to catch up with her quite a bit, and Lydia spontaneously burst out to me, “Daddy, I love Nana.”  In her night prayer she also said (unprompted), “Thank you for my beautiful Nana.”

Because Isabella is amazing, she wanted to stick around even after I got home and her babysitting gig was over.  She proceeded to play chase with the girls for a very long time.  Tonight is one of two times in my life when I have seen Mary worn out from playing so hard.  Nice work Isabella!

On a quick note about work.  Qualtrics was just valued at over $1 billion and received $150 million dollars in venture capital funding.  The funding is to help us run faster and grow quicker.  It’s an exciting place to be right now.


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