Butterfly Wings

I didn’t talk to Lily much today, so I apologize if this blog is a lot about me. First I want to say that I completely adore Mary’s new hairstyle, and well…Mary in general.  Her new hair looks so hip and modern and with a few clips that Lily put in, it still looks very femenine.  Add on to that Mary’s pink nails that Lily painted today and you have one adorable Toddler! (Pictures coming I promise).

Lily’s day included a visit from Ina, who brought over butterfly wings to give to the girls.  Lily’s day overall was very good, but hit a kink of frustration when she was unable to reach me at work to coordinate a babysitting situation.  She called my cell 29 times! I’m sorry honey! Also, the reason I am blogging is because it is Lily’s first day of school for her new Semester.  It is a class about baking and pastries and she said she is very excited.  I’m anxious to hear the report!

As for me, this is the first time in about a month that I feel free from work stress.  It has been very intense and I had some big meetings today that I was nervouse about.  Now with those behind me, and it being the beginning of the quarter, I hope to enjoy a little peace before it gets crazy again. Pictures!

IMG_9601 IMG_9590 IMG_9591IMG_9593IMG_9597IMG_9600