Here is a summary of Mary’s day:

dec1She slept the whole day. Yesterday Lydia woke her up from her nap, so I guess Mary needed to make up for lost sleepy time. She threw a tantrum right after breakfast because I wouldn’t let her nap right away, so I gave in. In total she took a nap at

9:20 am Wake up

10 am-11:50am NAP

1pm-2:15pm NAP (in car, in grocery store, at home)

2:30pm-6:15pm NAP (Lydia woke her up).

It’s a rough life.

Lydia had her first day of her new preschool today, and she seemed to like it. We made a last minute decision to pull her out of Challenger and enroll her in the preschool around the corner. It turned out to be a great decision–I was running very late today, and we still made it in time!

Chelsea, Derek, Camden, Carter and Liv all joined us for dinner tonight. It was so reassuring to know we have friends we love so close by! Chelsea found out about a live nativity that takes place the first Monday in December (today), and so after dinner we all headed out there. It was a beautiful experience.

The night was clear and not too cold, and we all had to walk through various stations of Christ’s birth. At each station people in costume would read scriptures, bear their testimonies, and lead us in Christmas hymns. One really striking visual image occurred near the end when a whole choir dressed as angels sang hymns. They were standing on really tall hay bales with spotlights on them, so it looked like they were in the sky. Lydia watched with mouth agape. ¬†We also really liked the man who played Joseph. He actually got teary delivering his part, and what he had to say about Jesus was so moving.

And now we are happy and exhausted. I actually just fell asleep while typing, so that’s my cue to sign off.