I was up a lot last night with Lydia, and she finally just joined us in bed in the middle of the night. We cuddled a lot, and when I woke up this morning, we both watched the sun rise over the mountains together. When I got up to brush my teeth, Lydia kept me posted on all of the new colors appearing in the sky. At the end, I asked her what colors there were and she said, “Mom, it’s just purple now.” How true! Once the sun rose, the sky was the lightest shade of early morning purple. Anyhow, these pictures were taken before that point–when there were lots of colors still rioting in the sky. IMG_0473 IMG_0474Here is my other window. In real life, Mt. Timpanogas (pictured) appears much crisper and clearer, but the camera fuzzies it up and I am not camera savvy enough to know how to get it to focus on the mountain.

IMG_0475I decided to focus again on the girls today. The house isn’t finished, but who knows when it will be. In the meantime, the girls really need attention, and it felt so luxurious to do nothing but play with them, work with them, talk with them, and laugh with them all day (or at least until I had to leave for class).

Here’a a picture from yesterday that I forgot to post. Abe has been really busy at work and very tired as he recovers from the last six months. Tonight while I was at school, he lay on the floor of the girls’ bedroom and napped deeply while they played around him. I imagine they played in a similar fashion to how they did yesterday (pictured below).