Dinner with Abe’s boss

Other than church, I spent the entire day cooking for a dinner we had with Abe’s boss and his boss’s wife tonight. I am slooooooww in the kitchen. All of my Sabbath time and attention revolved around: roasted leg of lamb with anchovies and rosemary, salsa verde, all sorts of squash with brown sugar, lime, and pomegranate, fennel foccacia (under-kneaded, and so the crust blew off. Needless to say, I didn’t serve that one!), kale salad, and gingersnaps. Abe almost took a picture, and then one of the kids threw a tantrum and we forgot to follow through.

The best part was, quite sincerely, the company. We had such a great time. I just liked Kim and Lucas a lot, and my social anxiety was so eased by their loveliness that I didn’t even feel flattened by panic during or after their visit. Yay for making more friends in Orem!

OH! Another good thing that happened was a phone call with Clark and Swathi. We talked about so much good news: Swathi got placed at her number one pick for her fellowship, Clark got promoted to a senior consultant with IBM just one year after starting there, and Swathi turned 30 on Friday. I love that little family.

Since we forgot to take pictures today, Abe snapped another one of Mary with her excessive number of binkies.

dec14Also, I want to get rid of Francie. I find her seriously irritating because she sits in front of the front door and tries to get in the house each time we leave or enter. Lydia and Abe are both attached though, so I will have to figure out a scheme to transfer their affection onto only Bazi.

We did take a picture of our beanbag that we got on a holiday sale from Restoration Hardware. We watched The 11th Hour  last night, and I have to say, that bean bag makes the best foot rest ever!