Lydia anecdote

Nothing really happened today, which is why this is a perfect place to record an anecdote from earlier this week. I can’t believe I forgot to write this down!

Mary had pooped in her undies, and I was undressing her very carefully in the bathroom. As I started to carefully remove the underwear, I muttered, “This is sooooo scary!”

Lydia was watching the whole procedure with great interest, and when she heard me say that, she responded, “But Mom, don’t worry! God is always behind you.”

I was so thrilled by her encouragement! It gave me the perspective and happiness needed to proceed with the unpleasant procedure ┬áin more buoyant spirit. She then proceeded to tell me she would pray for me. She went to the next room, knelt down, and said a rather lengthy prayer for every member of our family. I was and am so proud of her, and I am very thankful for that sweet girl’s faith and example.

On another wavelength entirely, it feels like we are always at IKEA on weekends. The only picture I have from today comes from there.