I am in the middle of staving off a mild panic attack, so this will be short.

We had a really wonderful dinner with a fascinating, kind, lovely family tonight. They have eight kids  (all 100% bilingual in different languages), have lived all over the world, and are terrific conversationalists.  In fact, they were so good at making us feel comfortable that I am panicking because I think I shared too much. If I didn’t have social anxiety, maybe I wouldn’t worry, but since I do, I am feeling pretty vulnerable and anxiety ridden right now.

Abe is about to give me a blessing because on top of that, school starts tomorrow and I am practically sick with worry.

To force myself out of my own worry for a moment: Abe is a gospel doctrine teacher now, and today he taught such a beautiful lesson about the annunciation to Mary and also the annunciation to Zacharias. He  helped me think about belief as a virtue, to believe God is the same throughout the ages, and to believe that miracles can happen today. That was the extremely distilled takeaway from a discussion rich with faith-promoting possibility.

On that note, here are today’s pictures:

IMG_0802 IMG_0805

Lydia has played HOURS of imagination with these cats.
Lydia has played HOURS of imagination with these cats.

IMG_0810 IMG_0813