First day scares

Today was my first day of class, and it scared me half to death. The chefs, one of whom is Chef Katie fromĀ Top Chef, made us:

  • concasse a tomato
  • brunois a carrot
  • supreme an orange
  • brunois the orange peel
  • tourne an apple
  • julienne an onion — this included cutting and scraping every single peel until they were all of uniform depth
  • small dice a large baking potato

…in forty five minutes. Needless to say, I did not make it happen. I dropped so many things from nervousness that at one point the chefs probably wondered if I thought the task at hand was actually to decorate the floor with organic matter. The whole exercise was a scary wake up call that I need to practice more seriously at home.

In addition to writing my recipes for tomorrow, I have to find an economical place to get my knives sharpened. I also have to buy an outfit for when I work front of house, find and write recipes, organize my binder, and learn how to tie a tie. Somehow I’m 31 an still have no idea how to do that. (We have to wear a tie when we’re working front of house.)

It was just plain scary, although I feel sure that I will learn more in this class than in any other.

While I was sweating nervous bullets at class, Abe was home having an Elsa dress dance party with the girls.

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