We made it to Cancun! After twelve hours of travel (including a layover, obviously), we finally made it. We are staying at The Royal Hideaway Playacar Resort, a five diamond all-inclusive resort. I feel almost guilty for how nice everything is, but we’re grateful to Qualtrics. In fact, a recurring theme in this trip’s conversations with Abe’s coworkers is how happy everyone on this trip is with Qualtrics right now.

Abe’s coworkers who came on the trip are exceptionally pleasant people. You can spot the Qualtrics people a mile away because they’re all young, married, hipster-Mormons. When approached, they smile and say “thank-you” a lot.

The head of sales told us all to eat a ton because the resort is making a killing on all of us due to the fact that none of us drink. When we got here, there was a huge reception room filled with a full table of freshly poured cocktails, perfumed towels, and chocolates, and the drink-pourer looked bewildered at how every single person went for the bottled water instead of his drinks. I felt bad for him, but I didn’t know how to tell him it wasn’t personal without being awkward.

My favorite thing so far is that I can order room service at any time, day or night, and free food will magically appear at my door. I am contemplating ordering some ceviche, grilled fish and lemon tart, but I am still full from dinner. Maybe if I wake up at 2 am with a hankering, I will take advantage of this amazing, magical service. The only other time I’ve been able to do that was in the hospital after I gave birth to Mary. All the food was free, and you could order a meal every two hours, which I did with religious punctuality. By the time I checked out, the hospital kitchen was exceedingly glad to see me depart.

Oh, boy! Some nice resort worker just showed up at our door with night time chocolates. Yummy. Maybe I don’t need room service after all…

We are going to some ruins tomorrow. Here is the one picture we have from today:

IMG_0912Posting a picture makes me miss the girls. Usually I post pictures of them, but I won’t see them again until Friday. We were so nervous about how they would do on the first day away, but they seem to be doing great. Well, Mary refused to speak to us on the phone, but that was to be expected. (She shunned me for two days after I returned from my Martha Stewart trip. I was sad but not surprised when she refused to say “hi” on the phone.) Tomorrow is their first day in day care (we enrolled them for this week while we’re away), and I really, really hope it isn’t too traumatic for Mary.

Anyway, more pictures tomorrow.