Beach day.

Right now there is are some beautiful vocalists serenading one of the terraces of the main building on the resort. Our hacienda is very close to the main building, so it feels like I am being personally serenaded with arias and Broadway hits. Very lovely.

I think I actually went into gastronomic shock at dinner tonight. The food is just so amazing, so creative, so abundant, so all-the-time available, and so free. I had no idea we were embarking on a vacation that had the same food issues as a cruise. Tomorrow I am going to practice restraint, if only so I don’t see stars at the end of the day.

Today was also a beach day! Hallelujah, though I think I put on too much sunscreen. I didn’t tan at all! Not making that mistake tomorrow.

And tomorrow just happens to be Abe’s birthday. I do so hope he can submit his big deal to the legal department tomorrow. That would be an over-the-top birthday present for him. Today he got some great news, and he is literally one step away from submitting it all to the legal department and getting this all wrapped up. It’s so close that I’m not sure if Abe is entirely relaxing on this vacation, but he sure put forth a good effort today.

He played tons of beach volleyball, and he convinced me to kayak in the Gulf of Mexico with him. I was scared to death that we would be eaten by a shark, but because I love him, I went with him. I got a little seasick from the waves, but it was fun. We just headed out as far as we wanted towards the horizon, and when the ocean turned black beneath us and the waves got extra choppy, we turned back and returned to shore.

We also had a great visit with some of Abe’s coworkers over lunch. There are just no words to express how pleasant everyone is. I enjoy them all so much.

In the evening we headed downtown to get some shopping in. We took pictures with Abe’s phone there, but they didn’t come through to my email yet. I will post them tomorrow.

I am also getting slightly sick here because at night it gets cooler and I didn’t wear properly warm attire the past couple days.  Off to bed so I can be healthy on Abe’s birthday!