Disney on Ice and Lydia’s birthday bike

Since Sunday is a hard day to celebrate birthdays properly, we started Lydia’s birthday festivities early and celebrated today.

She was very excited to go pick out a new bike this morning:

IMG_0185And then we picked up Isabella and headed to Disney on Ice!

IMG_0193 IMG_0188 IMG_0191Oh my goodness, I love Disney so much. I feel like Disney has mastered the art of delivering its customers a good time. I didn’t used to feel so enthused about Disney, but after having kids, I’ve adopted an attitude of gratitude. I was feeling stressed about Lydia’s birthday, especially since with the move and all of my school stress/pregnancy I haven’t been very on top of scouting out new play date friends for her. And then Disney came to town and voila! Problems solved! I’m (kind of) off the hook–Disney just supplied the majority of my child’s birthday fun.

Then we went back to Orem and ate out for dinner because we had a million errands to run and I had no time to cook.

Lydia and Mary took turns eating lemons before the dinner arrived. They were obviously hungry.
Lydia and Mary took turns eating lemons before the dinner arrived. They were obviously hungry.

I am now very stressed out about Lydia’s birthday dinner. The whole house stinks because my oven has pizza burned on the bottom and smells like burnt pizza when we try to cook. On top of that, I burned¬†some instant jello pudding. The house now smells like burnt pizza and burnt instant pudding. I can’t believe I paid so much money to go to cooking school only to burn some instant pudding the midnight before Lydia’s birthday. Seriously?!

But the pudding was supposed to be for Lydia’s flower garden dirt cake tomorrow.¬† I remember thinking those cakes were the most delicious things ever when I was a kid, but the recipes for the cakes that I remember are downright alarming. Never fear, I forged ahead and made them anyway! Martha Stewart and the Food Network have classier updates out there on dirt cakes, but I took one look at those recipes and knew it wouldn’t taste like what I remembered. So instant cake, pudding, Oreos, Cool Whip, gummy worms and a fatty mess of cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar it is. I hope she likes it as much as I used to.

Abe is out making a midnight run to the store to replace my pudding. Hopefully I can get this done by 1 am so I can wake up and cook the rest of the stuff tomorrow morning. Yay!