car shopping

This morning I decided that I was going to progress in my goal to fall in love with Orem. So far, I have to admit, I spend most of my time here either in my house or driving the less-than-enchanting State Street, and so this town hasn’t grown into my heart quite like Salt Lake. But what better way to rectify the situation than walking? My little walk really helped! I walked to Sprouts for groceries, and I didn’t cut up to State Street until the very last minute.

On the way, I still saw some picturesque (if dilapidated) orchards and farm houses.
On the way, I still saw some picturesque (if dilapidated) orchards and farm houses.
State Street. The mountains are great, but it isn't the prettiest otherwise.
State Street. The mountains are great, but it isn’t the prettiest otherwise.

I was dying  to make strawberry rhubarb pie. We make rhubarb crisps at the pizzeria, and I always want to eat one. Plus, it’s Pi Day! So I set out with that one intention for the day: make rhubarb pie! Sadly, none of the stores have any rhubarb. I guess I’ll have to postpone my craving for a couple weeks.

We did go car shopping in the afternoon. I got discouraged because I really fell in love with the highlander–it looked so easy to clean and very child friendly, but it has barely any room otherwise! We decided if we settle on one, we will have to get a shell for all of our road trip gear to go on top. We’re going to wait until the end of March to see if the dealership gets desperate to meet their quarter goals and perhaps swing us a deal.

After that, we came home and Abe walked the girls to the park. Supposedly he took pictures, but none have appeared in my email yet.

I stayed home and wrote my journals for my school portfolio. I haven’t done a single one, and the portfolio is due in two weeks. After a couple hours of writing, my journal had devolved into itemized complaints about class. At one point, Abe interrupted my writing to tell me about a great spiritual experience he had, and I felt inspired enough to do the Christian act of deleting two paragraphs of accusatory complaints.

There are still pages upon pages of complaints still left. If I feel sufficiently inspired in church, maybe those can go too.

After Abe and the girls got home, we ate some pie I bought while grocery shopping. It wasn’t strawberry rhubarb, but hey. It was $2 and felt like a party.


Then we enjoyed Lydia’s fort upstairs for a bit until I stood up and smacked my head so hard on the low ceiling above it that I thought I heard my skull crack. Tylenol has been my constant companion ever since.

IMG_1186And now Abe’s back from his midnight run to the store! I just realized I’m in charge of nursery snacks tomorrow, so he took care of it for me.