Miners’ March birthdays

This morning we took a picture of the girls eating breakfast because we think the way Lydia crosses her legs while she eats is cute:

IMG_0318Then before church we made some funfetti cupcakes for Lydia’s birthday party at the Miners’.

IMG_0325 IMG_0321After church, we went to the Miners’ for March birthday celebrations:

IMG_0327 IMG_0331And after that, we went to Tom and Suzanne’s to print off my final project for class on Tom’s amazing color printer. While we were there, Isabella¬†showered the girls with gifts-it was like Christmas! Everyone loves Isabella! She gave them a wicker chair, an alligator toy that “bites,” a tiger flashlight that roars, pom poms, a pop-up book, and probably something else that I’m forgetting. She also helped them play with the gifts Lydia got at the Miners’. The girls had so much fun with her.