nap-ful Friday

Yesterday went well. I mustered up the energy to clean the main floor, and even though I am two weeks behind in laundry (maybe three? –can’t remember the last time I folded and put away anything), at least the downstairs looks fine. Just don’t go up or down from there.

I also felt helped at my internship. When things went wrong or I made mistakes, I felt calm assurances. It was a very sweet spiritual experience, and one that I haven’t had much during cooking school or my internship (aside from Thursday) thus far.

We had a new babysitter because Summer joined a soccer team, and I asked Abe how the girls liked her. Abe told me that Mary never met her because she didn’t wake up until 6:30 pm and Emma, the babysitter, left at 6. Mary went down at noon. I think she and Lydia are coming down with a cold or something. Hopefully all that sleep means they’ll be better today.

Abe took some pictures while he played with them outside after he got home:

20150327_192220 20150327_192229 20150327_192244