naps and college basketball

Beyond feeding my children, I was a pretty neglectful mother today. I was so exhausted that I took three naps and lay on the couch in between those. My poor babies! After nap number three, I stumbled downstairs to discover the girls elbow deep in Easter candy. They begged me to unwrap their special chocolate egg lollipops, which I felt compelled to do just because I had neglected them for so long. After I unwrapped the candies, Mary took two bites and then froze. “My back hurts,” she muttered. I figured she meant to tell me that she had a stomachache from all the candy, so I promptly distracted the girls and then threw away the remainders of their lollipops.

We went to Lucas and Kim’s house for a little party with some of Abe’s other coworkers to watch the college basketball national championship. It was really fun, especially since all I had to do was eat and sit on a couch. Just my pace. The girls were exhausted and basically slept through it all.

I do have pictures of the girls playing after we got done grocery shopping this morning.

IMG_0094 IMG_0095And then a video of Mary echoing my injunction not to strew the dead grass all over the sidewalk:

And this one where Mary’s laugh comes through. Also, Lydia says her new favorite phrase, “That’s the spirit!”:¬†