food poisoning pregnancy fun

Yesterday I was on my deathbed with either food poisoning or pregnancy pain or both. Abe had to come home from work early because I was a puddle of puke and tears. Summer rescued me at noon by stopping over randomly and then offering to babysit the girls for free when she saw how miserable I was. I honestly felt like she was an angel sent from God because I was completely incapable of taking care of my children. Between Summer and Abe, I ended up going to bed at noon and am still here at 7:20 am.

I feel a little better today, although I still have some pain. I am a little afraid to try eating anything.

Good news, though. Assuming I can make it out the door, I have my first OB appointment today! I hope they do an ultrasound. I’ve heard that you can tell the gender sometimes on the 12 week ultrasound, so my fingers are crossed.

Abe took pictures of the girls filling up their “adventure boxes” outside and eating Easter candy while he was watching them.

IMG_0228 IMG_0226 IMG_0224 IMG_0220 IMG_0232