I feel better today! Well, actually, I spent the morning wondering if I was about to have a heart attack because I had every symptom, but thankfully I had a doctor’s appointment which confirmed my blood pressure was normal. The best part of the appointment was seeing the baby and heartbeat, but they couldn’t determine gender. I guess I will either have to wait until beyond 20 weeks (they only do gender ultrasounds once a month) or I can hightail it to a 3D place and find out there. I guess I’m okay not knowing for a little while yet.

In the evening, we drove to North Salt Lake to celebrate Passover with Andrew and Sarah Walker, along with some of their other friends. I. loved. it. Every part was so inspiring, and I felt there was so much going on that was beyond my present capacity to absorb. I left feeling inspired to pray for those who currently suffer bondage on the earth, and my heart has been full ever since.

It was also really nice to have Andrew lead the Passover because he has studied directly with the leading LDS authority on the Passover, and he was full of interesting insights on the latter-day perspective of Passover. We are sad that Andrew and Sarah are moving in a couple months–it was so fun to spend time with them! We joked that we can Skype Passover next year while Andrew and Sarah are in Cambridge. (Andrew just got accepted into Harvard Business School.)

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