Who is my neighbor?

Today I (Abe) started very slowly.  It was all I could do to gradually roll out of bed at 830, but I knew today would be good when I walked outside and the weather was absolutely perfect.  First thing we did today was go to the Toyota dealership and get a spare key for our new car. While we waited, the girls played in a play area which you will see a picture of below. After that Ingrid Baron from our old ward came over with her mentor and they both consulted Lily and me on financial planning.  We learned some great things and we really enjoy Ingrid, who Lily served with back in the Ensign First ward’s primary presidency.

After that, Lily and I went to the temple and performed some sealings for some of her ancestors.  It was a very beautiful experience.  Since our schedules have been so packed, it has been months since I have been to the temple.  Over the past months, I have felt a literal thirst in my soul to be in the temple and feel the special closeness to God that happens there.  It was great to be there today!

Lily and I stopped into Walmart on the way home for a few items (picture of mountains from the Walmart parking lot below) and then we came and relieved Summer (our babysitter).

I got to continue enjoying the nice weather because I took the girls for a run while Lily cooked dinner and then I mowed the lawn.  I’ve been really concerned about our lawn because it is getting super long and we can’t afford a mower until my next commission check comes in.  Today I asked my neighbor, Mike Moran, if I could borrow his, and he graciously agreed.

I took particular note of his generosity today because I’ve been preparing for my Sunday school lesson that I am teaching tomorrow called “who is y neighbor?.” The lesson covers the topic of forgiveness as well as the parable of the good Samaritan.  Mike was my good Samaritan today for lending me a mower for my extremely overgrown lawn.

As I studied for my lesson, I found a cool link on-line for modern-day good Samaritans.  I also re-read one of my favorite talks by Gordon B Hinkley on forgiveness.  My favorite part is at the end of the talk with the story of the lady whose face was smashed by a young boy and how she reacted.

Lately Lily has been reading a book called, There is no me without you which gives us additional food for thought as we contemplate who is our neighbor and how to help those in need. It is a book about the aids crisis in Ethiopa.

The last couple things I’ll mention is that the dinner Lily made was amazing (picture below) and it is almost midnight and Mary is still running around.  I’m starting to get worried about her bedtime……….


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