Dinner critique and personality hewn photos

I realized as the day was getting closer to dinnertime: A) I have very little cookable food in the house B) I need to grocery shop C) My homework assignment for my online class is to go to a restaurant and critique my experience, so woo-hoo! I’m off the hook for dinner tonight.

That was a good thing, because I had to spend a couple hours going to and from school to prep for my final tomorrow morning. Eek! I am so, so scared. I realized en route that when I get really scared, I listen to the Christian radio station a lot more. They direct a lot of their messages to people in crisis, and it’s so reassuring to hear over and over again how God is there and won’t let you down.

In this case, I was very happy to discover that the chef there was my favorite chef at the school, and he let me use his already cut-up chicken for my final. I didn’t even have to cut a chicken! I hate working with raw chicken, so that felt like a tender mercy.

Then I came home just in time for pest control to come de-bug our house. They also washed the entire exterior of our house with peppermint spray to deter mice, my #1 phobia. I continue to use mint scented products for my personal care because I believe so strongly this will deter the rodents from my presence. The idea that my whole house has just been bathed in peppermint spray is unbelievably invigorating.

After that, we went out to dinner. We found a Groupon for a restaurant called Oregano’s. The food and service were a let-down, but the ambiance scored perfect points!

Here are my pictures:

IMG_0556 IMG_0565 IMG_0572Then we came home and I did my homework assignment while Abe and the girls packed. Lydia and Mary’s respective personalities shine through in their packing techniques and finished products shown below:

IMG_0574 IMG_0576