Bridal Veil Falls

As I was planning the day this morning, I realized two things: 1) It was a gorgeous morning 2) I had time to make my favorite bran muffins 3) I have never been to Bridal Veil Falls, even though it’s only ten minutes away. 1+2+3 = We must have a breakfast hike and picnic to Bridal Veil Falls this morning!

So I hopped out of bed, made muffins, and packed the girls up to go to the falls. It was so pretty! Lydia and Mary are in a stage where they love holding hands with me and with each other, and between holding little happy hands, walking a beautiful path in the sunshine to a dramatic waterfall, and eating our picnic together I felt peaceful and magical and “this-is-everything-good-that-I-ever-anticipated-in-motherhood”esque. Of course, we still had tantrums and messes later in the day, but this morning felt perfect.

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Right next to our picnic table was the creek.
Right next to our picnic table was the creek.