Doll closets

Abe finished the doll closets today! I have been day dreaming about this day ever since I was a girl myself. I always wanted to see my own daughters play with my dolls, and today my dream came true! Of course, I only gave them items that weren’t breakable or too easily lost, but it was enough that Lydia is now lying in bed grinning because she can’t stop thinking that she’s next to her new dolls (in their closets).

We also did a ton of work on the basement. I didn’t take pictures of that, but it’s coming along. Abe and I are so, so happy to have made so much progress on the house this weekend.

Here’s a video of Abe eating some cookies I baked for my dolls when I was probably eight years old. The cookies areĀ twenty-three years old. After he ate one, we threw the rest out. He is a brave soul.

Here’s a video of Lydia and Mary being introduced to their new closets.

Also, Grandma, I should mention how we marveled at all of the doll clothes you made for my dolls. The quality of your work is incredible. You are such an artist. I love you. Thank-you for all the work you did to make my magical world of dolls so beautiful.

And here are the pictures.

IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0496 IMG_0498 IMG_0499 (1) IMG_0500 IMG_0504 IMG_0507 (1)