Springville reservoir.

The lice battle continues. Yesterday I was up until 1 am cleaning the house, and today we have been busy with treatments and blow-drying. I am giving the girls a small break before I go at Mary’s hair again before church.

Yesterday we checked out the Springville Reservoir. It has a sandy beach where the kids can play, and we enjoyed it a lot. I felt anxious about all of the kids swimming in regular diapers without plastic pants–especially since there is no water flow in a reservoir. For that reason we might not make a habit of going there regularly. Also, I should have taken a picture in the other direction. The reservoir is at the base of the mountains, so if you look the other way all you see are mountains. It was actually quite scenic, although in the picture the beach appears to be slightly underwhelming.

IMG_2802 IMG_2805We also organized the last bastion of blatant untidiness in our house yesterday. I should have taken a before picture, but here’s the after:

IMG_2806Note that we have a “skin and scalp” bin. I thought I was hyper-vigilant before this outbreak, but now I feel committed to being doubly so. The irony is that Mary contracted lice this time on our trip, and that is the ONLY break I have taken in the past year from her regular anti-lice shampoo and conditioner. Normally, she gets a bath every other day and I scrub her scalp with Paul Mitchell’s tea tree oil shampoo. Afterward I use a special rosemary-extract infused anti-lice leave-in conditioner on her. This past trip I didn’t bring those products along and boom! we have lice again. We’ve learned our lesson this time.