of dentists and doctors

This morning we all went to the dentist. It was such a great experience! The kids’ dental room is basically a wonderland. There’s an adjoining play room with all sorts of toys, two TV’s for kids’ shows, and a little leather recliner chair so siblings can watch each other have their teeth cleaned. Afterward, the hygienists even babysit the kids while the parents get their teeth finished up. The kids left the dentist with goody bags, treat cups, and free drinks. I think they thought the dentist might be comparable to Disneyland.

IMG_1074Then we hightailed it over to the OBGYN for my check-up. There the kids proceeded to raid the lollipop basket. After our three-hour test last week, they know where all the good stuff in that office is.

I spent a lot of the rest of the day in bed. I guess I did cook dinner (the easiest thing ever, but Abe still felt like he needed to take a picture), and after dinner we had FHE and then tidied the house from top to bottom. Our sick day yesterday meant that the kids tore everything up, and we want it to look nice for my mom–who is coming tomorrow!


Playing chase after dinner.
Playing chase after dinner.