second sick day

Mom, I forgot again to take a picture of your new bed! I was in bed myself almost the whole day, so I guess that explains it. Hopefully I remember tomorrow.

The good news is I feel 99% better after my second massive sick day. The bad news is I can hear Abe sniffling. Poor man. He has been working so hard all week and hasn’t had a chance to get better yet. He’s barely even slept at all! I feel so bad for him. Currently he’s working hard to get everything done so he can at least have a weekend. I hope he gets it done, and I hope he gets to finally rest tomorrow.

We did eat dinner outside tonight. It was such a low-key day that eating outside was THE event of the day–for the girls and me, at least.


We moved to the shade pretty quickly.
Lydia has been obsessed with dinosaurs lately. We talk about dinosaurs and about what animals are herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores at every meal. For the past couple days Lydia has quizzed me about what we are, and I keep insisting we are omnivores…but every time she asks, we aren’t eating meat. At lunch she asked me if her cheese tortilla counted as meat. Finally tonight I gave her a plate that demonstrated how we are omnivores…and she decided she hated lamb. So maybe she’s an herbivore!