haircuts and fall shopping

We started off the day with the ward breakfast, and we enjoyed visiting with people there. I was dreading it a little and almost didn’t go because I dislike big groups, but it was actually manageable because we just talked to a few people in a small group.

Then we headed to Salt Lake for haircuts. Karin got us free haircuts from lovely Gina on trade, and they are the best haircuts we have all had in a while!

IMG_3026 IMG_3031IMG_3035
IMG_3037 IMG_3042 IMG_3043

At the end of our haircuts Gina swept up all of our hair into a pile.
At the end of our haircuts Gina swept up all of our hair into a pile.

Then we went to O’Falafel for lunch. We love that place. After that we headed over to Nordstrom Rack to get Lydia some Fall clothes.

After that we got frozen yogurt. Abe and I realized we have so many pictures of our kids eating ice cream this summer that it’s embarrassing. But in the spirit of authenticity…:

IMG_3049 IMG_3056 IMG_3068

After that we headed to Old Navy for more clothes for the girls. Then we came home and Lydia gave me a delightful hour-long fashion show of all the new clothes she has. We then played pretend for the next four hours. During pretend, Lydia actually tugged on my heart with an elaborate narration about how she was an orphan and how our home was her new hotel. I should have taken videos or pictures. She and Mary were just delightful.

Mary is now on the potty claiming she going to poop. Her interest in the potty is exciting long-dead hope in me. We failed at potty training her during Abe’s work break in January, and she has exhibited no interest at all in the potty ever since. I keep saying I will train her when she turns four because I’ve heard some good success stories from people who have waited. But if she continues to beg to go potty, maybe we’ll see some potty training success a little sooner around here!