On Thursday night I woke up in the middle of the night puking my guts out. Poor Abe spent the whole night cleaning up bowls of vomit and trying to help me feel better. He ended up bringing work home early on Friday because I literally¬†could not get out of bed. The poor children had to completely fend for themselves. I guess they’re kind of used to that though…Lydia said tonight, “Daddy, can we get a golden doodle puppy because you always are at work and Mama’s always sleeping?”

I explained that she could look forward to about a year more of Mama sleeping (assuming Ammon has the non-existent sleep habits of my previous newborns), but after that that I hope to be a more active mama. Mom, I told her we needed to consult with you about the puppy.

Here are pictures and videos from all the days I haven’t been blogging:

Friday night Abe took the girls, still in their pj’s, to Walgreens. While there they encountered some scary figures. He took pictures and videos of their reactions.


Here’s a video of their reaction to the figure’s movement.

On Saturday I was feeling well enough to get out of bed and walk a bit. That was good because I really wanted to see my friend Betsy’s painting at Chalk the Block. We went to the Riverwoods to look for her, but I checked every section but hers! By the end, I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk any more, so I just settled for enjoying the pictures I did see. We took a picture of this one because we still get excited that people weave religion into everything around here.

Every ray represents an operating temple.
Every ray represents an operating temple.

The girls went to Olivia’s birthday party while I hunted for Betsy. Here is a video of the girls in Olivia’s bounce house.

While they were there I went to the hospital to get checked to make sure I wasn’t in labor. I know that sounds dramatic, but the force of all the vomiting and being dehydrated set of contractions and made the baby drop. I wasn’t in labor, but it was such a lovely day and hospital room that I really wished my time had come! I asked the nurse how early I could elect to have an induction, and sadly that comes at 39 weeks. I am at 36 tomorrow. Can’t wait for this to be done.

It was good I wasn’t in labor, though, because just a few hours later Lydia started puking. I’m glad Ammon is still safe inside while all these germs circulate. We have really been through the ringer with lice, viruses, and flus–all in the past month. So much fun. But I just keep reminding myself that I am grateful to not have these problems as Mormon pioneer or Syrian refugee. I can imagine that at this moment there are pregnant refugees dealing with illnesses and terrified small children who have to deal with land mines, potential drowning at sea, scary border guards, and all sorts of other nightmares that I can’t even imagine. I am sure I haven’t done anything to deserve my position of privilege, and I pray that God can be with these people–especially the pregnant mothers–at this time.

Speaking of privilege, today felt full of it. We spent the whole day resting and together. Abe went to church, but between my recent hospital visit and Lydia’s vomiting, the rest of us stayed home. We spent the whole day enjoying each other’s company, reading, eating, and playing together. This day felt like a gift of recovery for everyone.

After Olivia’s hopscotch party yesterday, Mary made up her own “hopscotch” game this morning.


Mary doing “hopscotch.”

When Abe came home from church, he gave the girls massages:

IMG_1349 IMG_1351

Then we went outside and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon and evening. The girls let me clean out their ears (thank-you, Swathi, for making this possible!!) and earned prize books for letting me do that. We spent the rest of the evening studying their prize books about dinosaurs and human anatomy. Lydia couldn’t get enough. Mary fell asleep.

Setting up for reading time.
Setting up for reading time.


Playing "what animal am I?" (Lydia is a dinosaur.)
Playing “what animal am I?” (Lydia is a dinosaur.) Mary ran to Abe and cuddled with him in the safe zone every time Lydia roared in her direction. Here’s a video of them playing.
Studying up on the way our bodies work. Mary fell asleep after three pages of this book and is therefore absent from this picture.
Studying up on the way our bodies work. Mary fell asleep after three pages of this book and is therefore absent from this picture.