A gnome and celebration dinner

Today the girls did yoga in Little Gym:

IMG_1481 IMG_1484Afterward we went and got sushi with Chelsea and her kids.


After sushi, Lydia had preschool while Mary and I stopped by Qualtrics to pick up Abe for a short break. We got Mary’s Halloween costume!

IMG_3346 IMG_3344 IMG_3343 IMG_3340After that, Abe and I went out to dinner with Lucas, Kim, Sterling and Arielle.

IMG_3355Arielle baked an amazing cake which we went to her house to eat. We learned a lot about dogs there because Arielle and Sterling breed Boxers, and they also have the only sweet Yorkie I have ever met. This dog didn’t bark once and just loved to cuddle everyone.

Here’s the cake!

IMG_3359Also, I forgot to take a picture yesterday of the flowers Abe brought home. He was so sweet to bring me flowers. I took a picture of both the flowers and Mary during her nap. She fell asleep in the car today and stayed determinedly asleep through four car transitions!

IMG_1495 IMG_1496But she’s still up now, and Abe and I are pooped. That nap really powered her up!