This evening Lydia commented for the second time that I spend all of my time in bed. Those comments always make me feel bad and guilty for not being a better mom, but then I make myself take a step back and assess the day. Also, I try to remember that I get up all night long to go to the bathroom, and two of the nights this week I have barely slept at all.

Credit I am giving myself for today:

In the morning I dropped the girls off at gymnastics and went grocery shopping. Then we went to a sushi restaurant before heading over to Lydia’s preschool.

Visual proof of our sushi outing.
Visual proof of our sushi outing.

I read to Mary while Lydia was at preschool and made some important phone calls. Then we picked up Lydia and headed home. I proceeded to take my two hour nap.

I did make dinner tonight, and after dinner I had more phone calls to make. There is a lot going on in my extended family right now, and so I spend a lot of time on the phone.

After the phone calls, I cleaned up dinner and tidied the living room and upstairs before reading more to the girls before bed time. In July I started keeping track of how many books we read, and we’re closing in on 400.

That means I can’t be the World’s Worst Mom, right? My instinct is just to sink into the comment and think I fail at motherhood, but these are the times I give thanks for blogging. Thank-you, Grandma, for being my initial motivation to blog regularly! This exercise has saved me from many a downward emotional spiral.