BBQ with Abe’s work team

This morning we took the kids to the Provo Rec Center’s swimming pool. I did laps while Abe and the girls swam in the river.

IMG_3482Then we swung by the farmer’s market before heading over to Lucas and Kim’s house for a team barbecue. We stayed a couple hours visiting with everyone, and then we headed home to nap. After we got up I played pretend with the girls for an hour. Last Monday we had an FHE activity where we lined up some chairs and pretended to drive to all of our favorite places. Ever since the girls have loved pretending to drive places, and in today’s pretend game I got to be the driver. It was fun.

Then I did grocery shopping while Abe took another nap (he was working until 2am last night)…and cut me flowers from our garden.

IMG_3485These roses have been blooming since spring! I can’t even believe their longevity.