The anger train

I’ve been on a post-natal rage rampage all week. Sometimes I pray myself to peace and love and forgiveness, and other times I feel emotionally under water. If I can jump on another thought train–for example, if I think about Jesus, count my blessings, or meditate on my beautiful family–then I can resurface for a while. But if I jump on the wrong thought train and think about the issue bothering me, I get so angry that I can barely function. That’s unfortunate because there are three little people that kind of need me to function. Abe also appreciates functionality, but, thankfully, he’s functional enough for two right now.

Hopefully my problem will resolve soon.

Happily, I haven’t posted Arielle’s pictures of Ammon yet, so here they are!

edit_DSC1499 edit_DSC1509 edit_DSC1510 edit_DSC1511 edit_DSC1515 edit_DSC1517 edit_DSC1519 edit_DSC1521 edit_DSC1532 edit_DSC1538 edit_DSC1539 edit_DSC1542 edit_DSC1545 edit_DSC1546We have no pictures of Mary with Ammon because she wasn’t interested. Today she showed concern for him when he was crying, but part of me suspected she was interested because she got to hold his binky before giving it to him…