Chelsea’s food blog and superheroes

Tonight we got to eat Chelsea’s food again. We love going to her house for dinner, and tonight we learned that Derek made her a food blog for Christmas! I was so excited to learn this. Every time we eat at Chelsea’s I go home and want to make whatever she made. It always tastes so good that I always, always want whatever recipe she used.

One of the things that I make a lot that we first ate at Chelsea’s is eggplant involtini. Abe took a picture yesterday because I made a bunch for the missionaries and some friends.


Then we came home and cleaned the house while Superhero Mary and her pet dinosaur saved me from an assortment of tragic fates.

IMG_4611 IMG_4614 IMG_4617 (1) IMG_4619Also, we FINALLY got Lydia’s nebulizer and medication tonight. She has been sick since early November. We have taken her to the doctor three times and have tried no less than five times to get the nebulizer for her, and until tonight we have been stymied. The pharmacist had compassion on us and gave us someone else’s nebulizer instead of making us come back a sixth time.