Baby shower recap

Friday I felt down in the dumps all day and Saturday was a marathon, so I am doing a catch-up post after church.

Speaking of church, it was amazing today. Some questions on my mind after today’s wonderful talks and lessons are: What can I do to more regularly schedule family history into my routine? What changes do I need to make to be more in tune with the Spirit? In Relief Society, our teacher shared with us so many miracles from her own life, and other class members also shared remarkable accounts of what happens when we are in tune with the Spirit. I feel like it’s been too long since I fearlessly obeyed spiritual promptings.

On Saturday I threw a baby shower for the woman I visit teach. She has been sick with her pregnancy and has not met many people in the ward, so I just invited the entire Relief Society. At first I thought no one was going to come, but then I started worrying everyone would come. It was kind of stressful preparing, but just enough people came to make it feel worthwhile, and we didn’t run out of food or room. Phew.

IMG_4811 IMG_4813

After the shower I slept for three hours. When I woke up, Lydia had prepared a tea party for us all.

IMG_4815Then we had a surprise visit from Abe’s aunt, cousin, and a couple of their friends. They were in town from Colorado. We talked about PTSD therapies and Guantanamo Bay. Sheila, (the one with the colored hair), had just returned from being a prison guard at Guantanamo. She had lots of interesting insights into that whole situation.


Then for dinner we had a candlelight dinner with the kids. It was actually my favorite Valentine’s Day dinner I’ve ever had. It was wonderful to enjoy the beautiful family we have created together.

After dinner we left all of the kids with Lexi (Ammon’s first time with a babysitter) while we saw the Star Wars movie together. Abe had not seen it before. We loved it and stayed up late afterward researching online trying to figure out all of the mysteries in the movie. Who are Rey’s parents???? Right now I’m in either the virgin birth camp or the Obi-Wan’s granddaughter camp. Abe suggested maybe Kylo Ren and Luke had the same love interest, Luke won (and produced Ray), and that’s why Kylo Ren turned against Luke. Who knows.


After church the girls opened up their Valentines from Nana. They loved them!

IMG_4824 IMG_4825IMG_4830I have to go visit teaching in a bit, but when I get home we are going to make some Valentines Day pretzels together. They were on the cover of the February Martha Stewart Living magazine, and I have been aiming to make them with the girls for weeks now. This morning I whipped up some dough before church, so I will have something else to blog about tonight.