Little America weekend

On Friday I took the kids out for sushi after Ammon got his shots…and then my car died while we were eating. A sweet mom and son rescued me and taught me how to use jumper cables. That was an adventure.

That evening we all headed down to Salt Lake to stay at the Little America Hotel. Abe’s team at work won a competition for free nights there. It ended up being so fun. I snuck out early Saturday morning to go to my old Bikram yoga studio and practically wept for joy to be doing it again. I just know if I could do Bikram regularly, my back would heal. Sadly, the closest studio is at least thirty minutes from my house, but I am starting to consider the commute.



Back to the weekend. After yoga we went to the hotel breakfast buffet, which was one of the best we have ever experienced. Lydia’s favorite part of the whole trip was her banana from the breakfast buffet. I need to be more like her.

After that we headed to the Church History Museum. They have the most incredible exhibit on Joseph Smith up. It was one of the best museum exhibits I have ever experienced period. I was teaching a lesson on Joseph Smith the next day and really appreciated all of the insight from the exhibit.

The kids’ section was also redesigned and updated:

IMG_4857 IMG_4859

We forgot to pack a brush and so all of us (except Abe and Ammon) had crazy hair.
We forgot to pack a brush and so all of us (except Abe and Ammon) had crazy hair.

Then we headed over to the zoo. The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to be outside.

IMG_4867 IMG_4869 IMG_4876 IMG_4880

After the zoo I stocked up at Trader Joe’s and then we headed home. It was such a fun little trip.

My lesson on Sunday was a total, complete disaster. I got the impression to throw everything I’d prepared overboard, but I wasn’t confident enough to do that. Instead I just stood in front of the class stammering and not finishing sentences. At some points I was literally sweating and squeaking into the microphone. Afterward I wanted to go to bed and never get out again. I have very little hope anyone got anything out of the lesson. I guess next time I’ll prepare a back-up plan in case I feel like I have to throw out my lesson plan again.

On a happy note, Abe’s Sunday School lesson went incredibly well. At least people could get some spiritual food from church.

Today I spent all morning on the treadmill thinking through my next lesson. It’s on missionary work.

We postponed FHE until tomorrow because Mary fell asleep right after dinner. Lydia was a doll and mopped the floors while I was out grocery shopping: