Lydia video and valentine

I did not take pictures today, but I thought I would copy and paste the email Valentine Lydia sent me. Abe took dictation while Lydia told him what to write, including pictures she chose herself. (Mary also sent me a valentine, but her dictation was so incoherent that Abe just took executive action and wrote a coherent email himself.)

I also have this darling video of Lydia having a doll dance party before bedtime yesterday.

Please have a happy valentines day. If you do, I’ll make you another valentines.  This is actually all nice so please please please please have a happy happy valentines day. Inline image 2
 Inline image 1I love you because you are almost always home and also I love you because everything you do.  I love your food and I love everything you cook. I love everything about you because if you make a food I don’t like, I’ll try to eat it. I love when it’s valentines day, because I’ll always make you valentines.

Inline image 1

Lydia Darais