Lydia starts reading

Abe here.  I had a very good day at work today.  This will probably be the first sales quota I will miss since starting at Qualtrics, but I’ve been learning a lot from the struggle and today was just an all around good day.

When I got home, Lily made an amazing dinner that she totally improvised. She called it, “egg in a nest.”  It was a egg on top of a veggie stew that she roasted in the oven. It was delicious. Our girls have been really interest in nests recently and that gave Lily the idea.

After dinner we spent time together and I caught this cute video of Lily singing to Ammon.  After dinner, we got the girls ready for bed and then Lily read to them for quite a while. After a bit of reading, Lily yelled to me to tell me to come up stairs. I came up-stairs to see that Lydia was reading. She was sounding out words letter by letter and it was absolutely delightful to watch . She’s tried to do that before, but this is the first time that she was really getting it.  Here is a picture of them reading together!