Harp lesson

Ever since I have been little I always expected that my children would play the piano. But for the past couple years, I have prayed and prayed over what kind of musical education and experience to offer Lydia and Mary. Somehow, the piano did not feel right. Through the promptings of the Spirit, I felt guided to the harp for Lydia.

This is a shock to me. Never in a million years did I ever picture my children playing the harp. I know almost nothing about the harp. But after I felt God guiding my thoughts toward that instrument, I discovered that one of the best harp teachers in the country lives less than ten minutes from my house–and she is, incredibly, accepting students. BYU also has the largest harp library in the country, and Logan (a relatively close city) is home to the country’s only Suzuki harp institute.

As if those were not signs enough, today we met Lydia’s harp teacher for the first time. As we were in the car driving to Mary’s eye doctor, Debussy’s composition for harp and orchestra came on the radio. I had never heard it before, but it was breathtakingly beautiful.

When Lydia sat down to the harp for the first time with her new teacher, I felt a spiritual whoosh that confirmed this path to me in a powerful way. Everything felt so right. I want to hang on to those feelings when the practicing gets hard. But today was one of the only days I have ever felt proud of myself for something I did as a mother. Normally I am racked with guilt for not being a better mother, but today I felt like giving myself a pat on the back for breaking out of my own preconceptions and following God’s lead on Lydia’s musical path.

Now I need God to help me figure out how to potty train Mary. Sometimes I honestly picture her as a ten year old in diapers. Please somebody tell me that won’t happen.

On another note entirely, Mom and I binge watched Poldark. We finished the entire season tonight. It was fun!

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