recital costumes

Today I just gave parenting my all. During the morning we worked on reading, puzzles, harp technique, and sight words. I fed the kids two meals, folded a ton of laundry, pumped every couple hours, and tidied the house. Then it was off to ballet where the girls received their costumes for the recital in two weeks.

When we got home, I ate, took care of Ammon, and collapsed in bed with a book. After Abe came home I roused myself to eat dinner and watch a scripture video with the family for FHE. Then I returned to bed where Abe gave me a really nice massage and we talked about how his work is going, my plans for the yard, and our family.

Abe took one photo of the girls in their cupcake costumes this evening. Sadly, I forgot to brush their hair this morning so they look a mess.