harp string repair

We are really concerned about how rude Lydia has been lately. Abe gave me a blessing which I need to write down, but it gave me faith moving forward. I was really at my wit’s end before those sweet assurances uttered in the blessing.

I didn’t take any pictures today, but it was full of good things (other than Lydia’s concerning behavior). Abe has started feeling good again and has revamped his spiritual and work life so that he can trust in God and feel happy. I took the girls to the library, did harp practice with Lydia, cooked a bunch, and even took the kids grocery shopping. Tomorrow the girls are really excited to have a pj day, and I am too. I just want to curl up and read all day.

The harp teacher came by and showed Abe how to fix the harp strings. After she fixed a bunch of broken strings and tuned the harp all up, Abe and I were talking on the couch–and another string popped! We are rethinking our decision to buy the prettier sounding gut harp. If we had to do it over, we would have just gone with nylon strings.

Ammon has been really fussy today. It’s the first time he’s been like this since he was born six months ago. I hope tomorrow he’s back to normal so he can join in our plans to enjoy the day.