And we almost lost Mary

We don’t have pictures because both of our phones died today. We spent most of the day gardening in the glorious weather. Abe made the most beautiful redwood boxes for our garden, and he also made some awesome barrel herb gardens. He was so excited that he stayed up until midnight working on everything and cleaning the house for Sunday. He is, in short, the best.

What was not the best was that we almost lost Mary today. It was the worst five minutes of my life. We went to Liberty Park in Salt Lake to have a picnic with the Maudsleys and the Deans, and while I was chatting away with Katie and Jen, Mary wandered halfway down the park. Tonight was a huge festival and so the park was packed. I ran around calling Mary’s name everywhere until Abe found her talking to some concerned adults.

When I told Mary that she couldn’t wander because strangers could take her, she responded brightly, “Those grown-ups weren’t strangers! They were helping me. Strangers hide behind houses. I was fine!” I hugged her a lot tonight. She is so precious.

Oh, wait! We DO have pictures. Lydia had her Let’s Play Music recital this morning, but since our phones are dead, I can’t upload the photos. She reminded me so much of myself in the recital. Because I am spacey, I didn’t put her in the official LPM t-shirt, and so she was the only child in stage out of costume. Oops. And then she absentmindedly drifted (during the recital) away from her spot. Her friend, Olivia, smilingly repositioned Lydia back into the right spot. The only way I ever survived school was making friends with responsible people who could remind me about events and deadlines. Watching Olivia reposition Lydia opened of flood of flashbacks.

I am so happy to have all of my children safe and sound and near tonight.